Assembly and dismantling information

The exhibition hall (Grotezaal) will be available to exhibitors and their contractors for set up as follows:

Assembly: Monday 11th November

08:00 – 15:00 – No access for exhibitors

15:00 – 18:00 – Exhibitor access to Grotezaal to set up stand

Upon your arrival, kindly proceed to the registration desk situated in the Beursfoyer to obtain your name badge. One of our team members will be available to assist you in locating your exhibition stand

Dismantling: Wednesday 13th November

18:00 – 21:00 – No access for exhibitors

Exhibitors should remain on their stands and refrain from dismantling until the exhibition hall officially closes and is cleared of visitors on Wednesday 15th November. If you have a courier arriving to collect goods, please do not ask them to arrive any earlier than 18:00 or they maybe turned away by the venue.  When leaving the venue please remove any waste, this includes literature not in a box, and anything NOT being collected by a courier. 

Age Restrictions

No person under the age of 18 will be admitted to the venue during set up and breakdown. This applies to exhibitors’ and contractors’ children. Please ensure your staff and contractors are aware of this rule.


Deliveries must be made between Wednesday 6th November and Friday 8th November. 

Please ensure your courier team request proof of delivery. 

We strongly advise you to take a photo of your materials before sending so we can easily identify them during assembly. All deliveries much be clearly marked with the following information:

Event name: Sustainable Packaging Summit


Beurs van Berlage

Beursstraat 6

1012 JV Amsterdam

The Netherlands

Package 1 of ___

Loading Bay

Loading and unloading takes place via the special entrances on the Beursstraat. 

To get to the Beursstraat, first drive towards the “Bijenkorf Parking garage”. Drive to the entrance of the parking garage then turn left into Beursstraat. More information can be found here.

Any queries please email Freek Heuberger.


If you have arranged for a courier to collect your materials on Wednesday 13th November please ensure the packages are properly labelled and inform them of your stand number and company name so they can be directed to the correct stand for collection. 

The venue is not responsible for the shipment of packages.  They can store them temporarily. Packages that have not been collected after 2 weeks will be destroyed.