Why should you exhibit?

1) Align your brand with excellence in sustainability

Align your brand identity with the most important event in packaging sustainability. Be part of the change as we bring together leaders across the value chain to drive the sustainability agenda.

"The summit is a must for anyone related or working on sustainability."

2) Generate leads and network with the sustainable packaging community

Join Europe's largest sustainable packaging event and meet more than 600 delegates representing over 100 brands and retailers. With dedicated booth space available to sponsors and exhibitors, you have the opportunity to network and show your products across 5 extended coffee and 2 hour-long lunch breaks.

"We got major big contacts, already did NDA's now and start development projects, also some investor talks in process already and lots of major good contacts with very good use cases for us."

3) Demonstrate your thought leadership

Demonstrate your brand's commitment to a sustainable future for packaging through your leadership in innovation and corporate responsibility. Take the stage to show your vision for the future and join over 90 leaders from across the FMCG value chain speaking in our panels and presentations.

"Like a GPS for this industry, the Summit shows our current location and "indicates" where we have to go. And there is not one ideal route due to traffic jams, road constructions (challenges, issues, etc). However, it shows emerging possible alternative routes."

Testimonials from our 2023 Summit

Brilliant organisation, impeccable execution, compelling panel titles and interesting panel discussions, with easily accessible location from the Amsterdam central station.

The quality of content, speakers and attendees is much higher than expected from other events. The Summit is a terrific opportunity to collaborate with key members of the value chain.

Happy with the venue. High quality attendees. Good and intimate space for the booths. The event had great planning, a great venue, incredible content and friendly hosts.

Who attends the Summit?

100+ brands and retailers

615 attendees (up from 250 in 2022)

22% C-suite and 13% Director-level

39 countries across 6 continents