Our Partners are key contributors to the summit, the support they provide is key to the success of the event. Being a Sponsor, Exhibitor or Media Partner offers a fantastic opportunity to have your businesses front and centre as over 600 industry leaders converge on Amsterdam this November.

Co-Located Events

The 2024 Sustainable Packaging Summit will be co-located with SPC Engage, taking place on 11th of November.

It will be centred around Harmonizing Action. The program will include areas of collaboration and common ground such as the evolution of on-pack labelling, evaluating packaging formats and product portfolios in different world regions to find opportunities for reduction and redesign; finding commonalities of reusable packaging systems to scale them; the role of biodiversity as an ESG priority for packaging; learnings from standardized testing methods; and how to bring data together in a global level to address global challenges.

Thanks to a partnership between Packaging Europe and FINAT, the international association for the European label industry, we will be hosting a special ceremony to announce the winners of the FINAT Sustainability Awards on 12th November - day one of the Sustainable Packaging Summit.

The competition serves to highlight the best recent advances and innovations in labelling sustainability. Bringing the announcement of winners to the Summit is intended to highlight how labels can support the adaptation of packaging to environmental demands, and more broadly ensure that the perspectives and impacts of labelling are represented in the wider strategic discussions across the event. Sustainable Packaging Summit delegates have free access to the FINAT Sustainability Awards event, with no pre-registration required.


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Cory Connors

Cory Connors

Host of The Sustainable Packaging Podcast

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Lisa Cain

Lisa Cain

Transformative Packaging | Sustainability | Design | Innovation

A commercially focused and highly successful packaging director with a proven track record of delivering innovative, sustainable and creative consumer-centric packaging strategies across food, beverage, beauty, personal care and lifestyle sectors.

Ton Knipscheer

Ton Knipscheer

Matchmaker in Packaging

Does your product have enough appeal to turn the browser into a buyer? With over 30 years experience in marketing, sales and operations in the international packaging industry, Ton can convert your ideas to marketable packaging.

Marius Tent

Marius Tent

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Working with Packaging and Sustainability leaders who are passionate about having a meaningful impact on the world, doing their part of good. They’ve might already have started their journey and need to ramp it up now. Or, others that might need to start now as there is #NoTimeToWaste in Packaging. 

Renata Daudt, MBA

Renata Daudt, MBA

Director & Packaging Engineer at AWEN Packaging Consulting

As your sustainable packaging consultant, I’m here to guide you on your pathway to sustainable packaging and support your business to be compliant with Australian Packaging Standards and APCO reporting. My approach is to help you implement packaging solutions that are functional, aesthetically pleasing and have minimal impact on the environment.