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Cory Connors

Cory Connors

Host of The Sustainable Packaging Podcast

Social Media Statistics

  • LinkedIn Sustainable Packaging Newsletter: 11,000 subscribers
  • LinkedIn Top Voice with 22,000 followers
  • TikTok: 90,000 followers and 2.7MM likes
  • Sustainable Packaging Podcast: 73,000 downloads
Cory Connors

Lisa Cain

Transformative Packaging | Sustainability | Design | Innovation

A commercially focused and highly successful packaging director with a proven track record of delivering innovative, sustainable and creative consumer-centric packaging strategies across food, beverage, beauty, personal care and lifestyle sectors.

Cory Connors

Ton Knipscheer

Matchmaker in Packaging

Does your product have enough appeal to turn the browser into a buyer? With over 30 years experience in marketing, sales and operations in the international packaging industry, Ton can convert your ideas to marketable packaging.

Cory Connors

Marius Tent

20 years of packaging experience wrapped in tailored support!

Working with Packaging and Sustainability leaders who are passionate about having a meaningful impact on the world, doing their part of good. They’ve might already have started their journey and need to ramp it up now. Or, others that might need to start now as there is #NoTimeToWaste in Packaging.