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The Sustainable Packaging Summit 2020 was supposed to take place in Lisbon. Due to the global pandemic, we've redesigned this year's summit as a series of live, virtual events - free to join - from 29th October to 3rd December.

While we could host a physical gathering this year, we don't believe it's possible to deliver the quality of discussion & networking that define the Sustainable Packaging Summit. So we've chosen to go digital.

Instead of assembling for two days in the European Green Capital, we'll be hosting a season of world-class panels, workshops and networking sessions. Register to join us here.

world-class panels & networking
29-30 September 2021 at FachPack, Nuremberg,
combined with Year-round virtual content
Featuring the Sustainability Awards 2021
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The Sustainable Packaging Summit breaks the familiar industry event paradigms. A platform for meaningful and practical discussion that moves us forward on the key dilemmas.

A carefully crafted agenda focusing on how we progress collaboratively, not self-congratulation

Leading players and thinkers from the value chain brought together with fresh visions and challenges from outside the world of FMCG packaging

Taking interactivity to the next level, with emphasis on discussion rather than presentation, innovative formats, and experience augmented by Packaging Europe’s multimedia content expertise

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As well as presenting global authorities on sustainability in packaging, the Sustainable Packaging Summit is partnering with key stakeholder organizations to reveal a holistic view of the challenges and enable cross-fertilization of knowledge.

How do we define the objectives and priorities of sustainability in packaging?

Packaging waste vs climate crisis

Competing visions of a circular economy:recycling, reuse, bio-based

Redefinitions of sustainability

How do we meet the practical challenges in order to achieve our goals?

The path toward a more coherent regulatory landscape

Collaboration: lessons learned & opportunities

New challenges presented by e-commerce & COVID-19

Where are the new ideas and technologies that can help us?

Innovation scouting


Sustainability Awards 2021 ceremony

Across physical and virtual events, the Sustainable Packaging Summit programme features workshops, panels, one-to-one discussions and keynotes, with disrupters, global brand owners, retailers, recyclers, European Commission and NGOs. Participants include:

Kim Houchens
Tom Szaky
Plastic Bank
Gian De Belder
Louis Lindenberg
Archana Jagannathan
Thomas Regenhardt
Hans Van Bochove
Antonino Furfari
Plastics Recyclers Europe
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