Volha Kniazeva
Full Name
Volha Kniazeva
Job Title
Lead Scientist
ASBISc Enterprises PLC
Dr. Volha Kniazeva is a distinguished Lead Research Scientist with a robust background in R&D project management, laboratory design, and cutting-edge technology development for human health and food applications. Her expertise spans infection disease diagnostics, prevention, and innovative use of Cold Atmospheric Plasma technology.
Currently at ASBIS Enterprises Plc., Dr. Kniazeva heads a team developing Cold Atmospheric Plasma tech for health and food applications. Their PERENIO IONIC SHIELD™ PEWOW01COV Cold Plasma Emitter reduces viral load in the air effectively.
She forges strong global partnerships with academia, boasting numerous cited peer-reviewed articles. Holding a Microbiology Ph.D. and a B.Sc. in Biochemistry and Biophysics, she's also driving innovation in food safety through cold plasma technology.