Nina Zehetmaier
Full Name
Nina Zehetmaier
Job Title
Head of Sales
Nina is a passionate international sales expert with extensive experience in the fields of smart security labels and product digitalization. As Head of Sales at SECURIKETT, she has worked across a variety of industries and applications, supporting customers all around the world to tackle all the different challenges they are facing related to counterfeits, supply chain transparency and direct customer engagement – an increasingly relevant topic in today’s digitalized world. She combines high-level expertise in both the physical and digital aspects of product security.

Having studied social sciences at the university of Vienna, focusing on intercultural communication and international relations as well as sustainability, Nina joined SECURIKETT, a company dedicated to enable trust in original products, in 2015. After a year in R&D, she moved to Sales which she is heading since 2017. She is currently enrolled in a Global Executive MBA at a joint program of the Vienna University for Business and Economics and the Carlson School of Management, Minnesota