How sustainable packaging influences consumers
Date & Time
Wednesday, November 15, 2023, 3:45 PM - 4:05 PM
Stuart James Smruti Kulkarni

Sustainable packaging trends like recyclable materials, minimalist packaging, and reusable pack design help manufacturers reduce waste and, in many cases, enhance brand perception. However, thoughtful execution is needed to maintain purchase motivation and brand consistency.

Utilizing world-class neuro shopper-response capabilities, this panel will take you through new data to understand consumers’ conscious and non-conscious reactions to alternative packaging, including examples from paper-based, reusable, and material reduction, to understand the potential upside and risks that FMCG Brands and packaging companies face when considering a more sustainable package.   

You’ll find out shopper insights on: 

  • What are the sustainability claims growing across the store? 
  • Testing specific trends, how the non-conscious response to sustainability affects consumer behavior towards:
  • Paper versus plastic packaging
  • Removal of secondary packaging from premium products
  • Doy packaging for reusable pack design 
Location Name
Sustainable Packaging Summit - Innovation Stage
Event ID
Sustainable Packaging Summit