Luciana Pellegrino
Full Name
Luciana Pellegrino
Job Title
WPO World Packaging Organization
Luciana has been involved with the packaging industry for over 26 years, and since 2002 as the executive director and general manager of the Brazilian Packaging Association, the national body in Brazil that gathers and supports companies from the packaging chain and FMCGs for greater innovation and advancement.

In this role, Luciana has been able to lead strategic activities on behalf of the organization, company members and market affairs, pushing ABRE’s strategic plan, activities and projects to leverage the positive impact of packaging in society, also leading packaging market and consumers assessments, addressing regulatory affairs, publishing sustainability guidelines and tools, structuring international conferences and speaking at national and international events.

On a global level, Luciana has been a Board Member of WPO – World Packaging Organisation since 2002 and Vice President for Marketing since 2009, supporting the growth of the organization, the establishment of projects and partnerships, the share of knowledge and the promotion of initiatives towards packaging innovation, marketing, education, sustainability and saving food.