Michael Tzintzoglou
Full Name
Michael Tzintzoglou
Job Title
Area Sales Manager
A Hatzopoulos S.A.
Michael Tzintzoglou was born in Macedonia, Greece and spent his formative years in the Netherlands. He pursued his education at the Free University of Amsterdam and Trinity College Dublin. In 2008, Michael joined A.Hatzopoulos S.A., where he played a crucial role in setting-up the Benelux market. While sustainability has gained prominence in the world of trade in recent years, Michael has consistently demonstrated a deep commitment to the welfare of the natural environment. This intrinsic motivation to care for the natural world is evident in his professional career as a packaging consultant. Michael's work attitude can be summed up in the motto, "make haste slowly." He believes that rushing through tasks often leads to mistakes, and it is important to be diligent without cutting corners along the way. Beyond his professional undertakings, Michael enjoys playing tennis and returning to his home-land to relax on a Greek beach nurturing a refreshing mocktail.