Thais Blumer
Full Name
Thais Blumer
Job Title
Head of Sustainable Packaging Europe
Thais Blumer is the Head of European Sustainable Packaging at Amazon. Thais is passionate about creating and implementing packaging that benefits customers at scale, and she is a firm believer that collaboration is the key for disruptive innovation.

Thais has worked in Amazon’s Customer Fulfilment organisation for seven years. During her tenure, Amazon has reduced average packaging weight per shipment by 41%, and eliminated more than 2 million tons of packaging material. She led the team that phased out single-use plastic delivery bags for Amazon Fulfilment Centres across Europe, replacing them with easily recyclable cardboard envelopes and paper bags.

Prior joining Amazon, Thais was a responsible for designing and deploying deploying pack automation solutions in the FMCG industry. She has lead process improvement and capacity growth programmes focused on maximising operational benefits by harmonising machine and packaging material performance. Thais has also worked as an engineer, and she holds a Bachelor in Chemical Engineering.