Amy King
Full Name
Amy King
Cambridge Design Partnership
Amy is an innovation professional, who specialises in identifying, building and validating new opportunities for major global companies and emerging start-ups. Her experience spans in-depth research programmes across a broad spectrum of industry sectors including FMCG, Consumer, & Healthcare. She has a passion for conducting front end innovation research; helping her clients use technology to drive actionable insights within strategy and innovation to provide commercial value.
Amy is also a PhD trained Chemist who has experience working across a wide spectrum of technology development projects across FMCG and consumer sectors, including in carbonation, fluid material handling, material specification and dosing. She combines her expertise in commercial assessment with her technical background to provide clients and projects with actionable insights that provide commercial value grounded in technical feasibility.
Amy holds a PhD in Chemistry from the University of Cambridge, and a Masters in Chemistry from the University of Bristol.