Stephanie Northen
Full Name
Stephanie Northen
Job Title
Research Associate, Global Plastics Policy Centre
University of Portsmouth
Stephanie Northen is a Research Associate with the Global Plastics Policy Centre and the Revolution Plastics initiative at the University of Portsmouth working on mission-driven research projects to mitigate the negative impacts of plastics. The initiative is designed to provide governments, organisations, and industry groups with the evidence-based research needed to make better decisions around plastic policies and find sustainable solutions to tackle plastic pollution globally. Stephanie has co-led research projects into reuse and refill solutions to the global plastics crisis, the analysis of plastic governance in the South East Asian region, interdisciplinary projects involving citizen science, community surveys on plastic consumption, and various other creative and participatory research methods. 

Before joining the Revolution Plastics research team, Stephanie studied for five years in the field of marine science, with an MRes in Science and Health at the University of Portsmouth, and now embarking on her PhD studies in microplastic fragmentation and climate change in temperate and tropical environments in Portsmouth and Adelaide.