Carlos Ludlow-Palafox
Full Name
Carlos Ludlow-Palafox
Job Title
Carlos graduated with a degree in Chemical Engineering from the Universidad Iberoamericana in Mexico City. He worked in industry before moving to the United Kingdom, to do his Ph.D at the University of Cambridge.  During his time in Cambridge he developed the basis of the Enval process to recycle flexible plastic packaging. He subsequently co-founded Enval in order to continue developing and commercialising the process, using a modular approach. 

In 2020, Enval received investment from Greenback Recycling Technologies and since then the two companies have been establishing joint projects for the exploitation of the Enval technology.  There is a commercial plant with one Enval module operating in Mexico, a second module is being built in the same site and a new plant with two modules in the UK is also under construction.