Roei Ganzarski
Full Name
Roei Ganzarski
Job Title
Roei is CEO of Alitheon®, whose FeaturePrint technology provides for items what fingerprints are for people – a unique identifier for each and every item. FeaturePrint eliminates counterfeits, shuts down gray markets, and enables product tracing, all with just a photo using a standard camera.
Prior, Roei was CEO of magniX, the electric aviation propulsion company. magniX were world first to fly multiple electric commercial aircraft, and achieved first FAA Special Conditions publication. Roei was also executive chairman of Eviation, the electric aircraft manufacturer, bringing a new electric aircraft to market.
Before that, Roei was CEO of BoldIQ, a provider of scheduling optimization software; held positions at Boeing, the last of which was Flight Services Chief Customer Officer; worked in banking and advertising; and served in the military.