Scott Trenor
Full Name
Scott Trenor
Job Title
Technical Director
Association of Plastic Recyclers
Scott is the Technical Director of the Association of Post Consumer Plastics Recyclers (APR). In this role, Scott leads the Technical Committees within the APR responsible for developing the APR Guide™ for Plastics Recycling, as well as Critical Guidance Testing Documents used to assess compatibility of plastics with recycling. Scott brings over 20 years of plastic industry experience working in R&D, commercialization, acquisition, and strategy roles at Kraton Polymers and Milliken & Company. Scott’s most recent technical and commercial successes include the invention and commercialization of DeltaMax® Performance Modifiers which enables increased recycled polypropylene incorporation in durable goods and led Milliken and Company’s Plastic Additives sustainability efforts globally. Scott holds a Ph.D. in Marcomolecular Science and Engineering from Virginia Tech.