Philippe Blank
Full Name
Philippe Blank
Job Title
Global Head of Circular Economy
Passionate and experienced sustainable packaging expert, covering a broad range of different packaging materials and production processes that spans from paper and metal to plastics. Competence fields and knowledge base are centered around material & production expertise, sustainable packaging design and strategy development, next to regulatory and legislative topics that are currently worked out on different levels in order to leverage circularity in packaging as well as extended producer responsibility.

Industry-wide recognized expert, actively engaging in multiple initiatives and programs that are centered around sustainable packaging. Broad field of expertise and deep understanding about technologies and innovations led to multiple calls as an independent judge for the world’s most important packaging awards for innovation and sustainability.

Educating the own organization and relevant stakeholder, passionate external speaker and curious about skilling up the next generation towards a differentiated view about the sustainable packaging landscape by giving frequent guests lectures about Circular Economy in Packaging at two universities in Germany.
Engineering degree in plastics and environmental engineering and looking back on more than 25 years of experience in plastic processing and packaging related product development.